Monday, January 24, 2011

Please Read the following Information - Australia Day Triathlon to be a Triathlon

Due the recent weather conditions, Cradle Coast Triathlon and Multisport and the Latrobe Council are still waiting on water testing samples to come through for Bells Parade.

We will be notified on Tuesday afternoon, however, you can all rest assured that Open Race will be a Triathlon.

Please check the CCTM blog on Tuesday evening for exact details and read the following information:

If water condition are not suitable for swimming at Bells Parade, we will be conducting a timed swim at the Latrobe Pool (George Street, Latrobe) for all Open Race Competitors, starting at 9.15am. Registration for the open race will occur at the pool and participants will have time to head down to Bells Parade to rack their bikes and prepare for the Bike and Run sections of the race. If this method of race is required, please be as prompt at possible.

The Swim splits will be used to start competitors at Bells Parade from outside the transition area.

The first across the line will then be declared the winner of the event.

Please note that the TryStars Events will be held at the times listed.

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