Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Junior Fundraisers

A huge thank you to all of those people who assisted in some way in organising any of our 3 fundraising events on Sunday.

For their assistance with the Run Devonport BBQ a huge thanks to Greg Walker and his entire family for organising a putting in the hard yards on the day, also Jeff and Elizabeth Cox, Barry Gaby, Greg Hales, Kent Lyon and anyone else who assisted that I have missed.

Thanks to Inn-dulgence Cafe for their hospitality at our Coffee and Cake fundraiser. Also to Amelia Pearson for her organisation.

Thanks to Nicole Cornell for organising the Movie Fundraiser and printing all the tickets. Also thanks to all who assisted with selling tickets for the event.

One more thank you.... to all who sampled a burger or sausage at our BBQ, had some cake and coffee, or took in the movie. You have all contributed to raising $1000.00 ($200.00 each) for our 5 junior triathletes who will travel to Queensland and represent Tasmania in a few weeks time.

Good Luck boys, make us proud!

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