Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Run Devonport Report

Cradle Coast Triathlon and Multisport had a strong showing this weekend at the inaugural Run Devonport event. A number of club members managed personal best times over the various distances and even in some races managed podium finishes. Congratulations to all who participated in the race and well done to Kerry and his team for putting on such a successful event.
Below are results from club members (thanks to Steve Quinn for the great photo's).

Simon Ackling 38.14 mins
Fraser Lyon 38.17 mins
Stuart Young 42.27 mins
Dennis Hendricks 44.33 mins
Anthony Carroll 44.42 mins
Joe Pearson 48.44 mins
Ross Belbin 48.58 mins
John Hoskin 51.31 mins
Thereza Louw 53.19 mins

Jacob Birtwhistle 15.06 mins
Dylan Evans 15.31 mins
Matt Gaby 18.59 mins
Samantha Koch 19.32 mins
Ralph Koch 23.25 mins
John Febey 23.34 mins
Hannah McCormack 26.53
Adam Brooks 47.19 mins

Lachlan Bonney 9.58 mins
Luc Redman 10.12 mins
Tom Roberts 10.14 mins
Inighion Quinn 10.36 mins
Edward Lanchaster 10.59 mins
Anya Louw 11.03 mins
Dominic Carroll 12.53 mins
Jurgen Koch 12.57 mins
Ella Marshall 15.35 mins
Lilly Carroll 18.03 mins

Lisa Louw 6.56 mins

Congratulations to all those people who participated and a bigger congratulations to those members who finished on the podium.

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