Sunday, April 10, 2011

School Sport Australia Results

Congratulation to our 5 boys who represented Tasmania at the School Sport Australia Championships in Queensland a few weeks ago. Results for the boys are listed below. Thanks also to team managers Wayne Gale, Chelsea Gale and Tim Smith for assisting the team throughout the Championships.

Junior Boys (400mtr Swim, 12km Bike, 3km Run)
Andrew Watson 28th,
43.58mins, 7.08 min Swim, 24.11 min Ride, 12.40 min Run
Gabe Dennison 32nd, 
45.00mins, 8.07 min Swim, 25.51 min Ride, 11.03 min Run
James Watson 37th,
47.47mins, 7.45 min Swim, 27.11 min Ride, 12.52 min Run

Intermediate Boys (600mtr Swim, 16km Ride, 4km Run)
Matt Gaby 25th,
53.42mins, 9.28 min Swim, 27.46 min Ride, 16.29 min Run 
Fraser Lyon 28th,
54.12mins, 9.36 min Swim, 28.33 min Ride, 16.05 min Run 

The standard of competition was extremely high and all of our boys did a great job.

The boys also competed in a relay event the day after the individual events and all performed very well.

Looking forward to seeing some photos of the champs.

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