Friday, September 21, 2012

Race 1 Update

Preparations are in hand for Sunday's Duathlon - Race 1 in our spring series.

We will be setting up from about 8AM at the western end of Coles Beach road if you can assist.  We may need a few helpers on the day for marshalling, time-keeping etc if you can help.  We could also use any qualified Technical Officials if you are available.

We have had to make some refinements to the age groups for juniors to conform with Triathlon Australia policy and we have corrected the age determination date.  We apologise for any confusion this has caused.

Ages will be taken AS AT 31 December 2012 (not 2013 as previously stated)
Children must be 7 to join our TriStars program but we will have a small event for 5-6 years if there is enough interest.

TriStars 1 is 7, 8 & 9 years old
Tristars 2 is 10 & 11 years old
Youth is 12 - 14 years old
15 and older can do the open events

Our novice/open races will now be called Sprint and Super Sprint

Distances for this Sunday's races will be:

TriStars 1 = R250/B2.5km/R500
TriStars 2 = R500/B5km/R500
Youth = R1km/B10km/R1km
Super Sprint = R1km/B10km/R1km
Sprint = R2km/B15km/R2km

Setup from 08:00
Registration 09:00
Road Close 09:30
TriStars - Race Briefing @ 09:30
TriStars - Race Start @ 09:45
Youth, Sprint & Super - Race Briefing @ 10:00 Race Start @ approx 10:15
Road Open by 12 noon

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