Join Triathlon Australia and CCTM 

As part of Triathlon Australia's national membership model we now only offer this membership option.

Note there are two parts to this membership...
"Triathlon Australia strongly supports a club membership model and their annual membership fees are structured to reflect this. The cost of annual membership is lower for those individuals who are members of affiliated Triathlon clubs."
Step 1 - Become a member of Triathlon Australia (TA) and nominate CCTM as YOUR club

You get:
  • Full TA member benefits at a reduced cost 
  • You are then eligible to enter all Tri Tas 'State-Series' races and TA Events as well as any 'Open' club events around the state
  • You get FULL Personal Accident, Public & Product Liability and (if appropriate) Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Other Member benefits (see  Triathlon Australia website for other offers and benefits)

TA Membership is payable via the Triathlon Australia website 

One Day Membership (ODM)
Full price Non-Club Member Race fees are payable for the event on the day. These are typically higher than member entry fees.

For certain events you may also need to purchase a TA One Day Membership prior to entry.

NOTE: ODM only provides Personal Accident insurance DURING the event and not whilst training, warm-up etc.