Training Options
All sessions cater for all levels of fitness and ability

Summer Training 2014-15 Season:

CCTM group training will commence as soon as we hit daylight savings!  We will again be offering wind trainer sessions (including ride/run sessions) on Wednesday nights - times to be confirmed.
Group rides have been taking place all year round and kick off at 7am Saturday mornings from the clubrooms and 530pm Monday nights.  If you want more information about the rides feel free to send us an email or message our Facebook page. 
More information will be coming very soon...

Notes about training:

CCTM have organised regular training sessions on behalf of our members but do not provide individualised training programs. Because everyone is at different stages of their fitness, has different goals, and has different strengths and weaknesses, your personal training schedule and program is your responsibility and should be undertaken with consultation with qualified coaching and medical advice. 

CCTM makes no undertakings and takes no responsibility for your performance or safety at these sessions.

Run & Swim Training:

CCTM does not have specific group training at the moment but can provide advice on a run or swim squad in your area that may suit.  Please feel free to email or Facebook us for more information

Bike Training Rides:

Saturday and Monday are road rides (subject to weather with indoor alternatives) - please ensure you have lights and appropriate safety equipment and clothing for our winter conditions.

Saturday rides commence @ 7am and routes/distances vary each week depending on conditions and participants.  Those attending can ride all or part of the route and can be 40 to 100 km in total.  Join us and our great sponsors at InnDulgence Cafe for a well earned coffee/chocolate/brunch after the ride.

Wind Training:

Wednesday is a one hour wind-training session in the clubrooms (time for 2014/15 TBA). The Club has several wind-trainers available as well as other 'entertainment' to pass the time... it's a great (sweaty) social gathering!  In summer we morf these sessions into interval/block training 

Clubrooms located at Clements Street Entrance to the Devonport Oval.